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Mac Jr Fence Inc is the premier fencing contractor in Staten Island, NY. When it is time to enclose your property or add a bit of privacy and security, we are the company to hire. When is the right time to hire a professional fencing contractor?

Any time you want:

Privacy—Do you have nosy neighbors who are constantly looking in your backyard? When you need privacy, a fence is the answer. A vinyl or wood fence can add close to 100% privacy to your property.

Safety—Your children deserve a safe place to play. While children should be supervised the majority of the time, a quality fence helps to ensure that they are safe while at play out of your line of sight.

Security—A criminal is not discerning about the home they choose to break into unless, of course, it is made more difficult to gain entry. A properly installed fence is a fantastic deterrent that will protect your home against the criminal element.

There is little doubt that with enough time and energy, you could install a fence on your own. However, we always suggest hiring a professional fencing contractor to do the job for you.

When you hire a fencing contractor, you know that your fence will be installed properly. The fence will be level, and it will follow the grade of your land without gaps. When installed by a professional, you are able to take full advantage of any manufacturer’s warranty, which is always something to take into consideration!

If you are in need of an expert fencing contractor, contact Mac Jr Fence Inc of Staten Island, NY today!

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