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Do you have pets? If you do, and you do not have a fence, constantly letting them outside can be a chore. Walking your dog on a leash several times a day takes time away from other things that you could be doing.

If you do not have one of many available pet enclosures on your property, your pets may not be getting ample exercise. When you hire our experts to install one or more pet enclosures for you, you know that your pets will have a safe place to romp and run!

Here are just a few of the benefits of having a pet enclosure installed on your property:

Safety—Even an electronic fence is not a foolproof method of containing your pet. Dogs have been known to run through electronic fences, and other animals are free to come in.

Exercise—You may not have time to walk your dog each day or time to take walks that are long enough to tire out your pet. With pet enclosures, you can let your pet run to its heart’s content!

Other Dogs—Not every dog is happy to make friends with strange dogs. If you have neighbors with dogs, enclosing your pet may be the safest option for everyone.

Insurance—Depending on the breed of dog you own, your insurance company may require that you have a strong pet enclosure on your property. Your insurance agent can provide the exact specifications for the required enclosure.

If you would like a pet enclosure installed on your property, give Mac Jr Fence Inc of Staten Island, NY a call! We want to help you ensure the safety of your four-legged family members! We are happy to provide a free estimate before any work begins.

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